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February 4th, 2018

Hosted By: Daniel Gold 

DJ'd By: DJ Bbari


The line up included the talents of...


  • Andrew Barret Cox

  • Ashley Marinelli

  • Bambina

  • Boudoir LeFleur

  • Chaz Wolcott

  • DiDi Cumswell

  • Jenna Rubaii

  • Khadija

  • Kristen Brooks Sandler

  • Meghan Sanett


  • Megz Alfonso

  • Mike Baerga

  • Miles Keeney

  • Miz. Diamond Wigfall

  • Petti Cash


  • Sapphira Cristal

  • Selma Nilla

  • Steven Blandino

  • Vanna Deux


"NIGHT OF LIFE is one of the most diverse, unique collaborations between performers in NYC. As an artist, it's electric. As an audience member, it's ecstacy. We are so lucky to come together to create an impact in our society.​"


-Musician, Jenna Rubaii

        (Jesus Christ Superstar Nat'l Tour and                   Groundhog Day Broadway)

"Every NIGHT OF LIFE has been unique, but what they all have is an incomparable sense of positivity, support and community. It is a night when marginalized artists can get together and celebrate our collective energy and creativity with no judgement or preconceived notions. It's a time where we are reminded how similar we all are, on the same team, fighting side by side to lift each other up, it is so important." 

-Choreographer, Andrew Barret Cox

        (Oscar at the Crown Choreographer)

Photography and Video shot and seen on this page from NIGHT OF LIFE can be credited to the Full Out Creative team and Steven Pisano.

"My heart is still bursting with gratitude and excitement! From rehearsals to the performance, getting to make art with such a gracious and talented team for a night benefiting The Trevor Project reminded me of how beautiful and powerful our community is. Thank you Leg Up On Life for providing us with this opportunity to be love and give love - see and be seen, and share unapologetically!​"


-Musician, Khadija (King Kong Broadway)

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