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RECHARGE - The Election

Every four year November is a little more special than just looking forward to Thanksgiving or Black Friday Deals. It is when our presidential elections take place and this number led by new queen on the scene Marcia Marcia Marcia will give us a little celebration dedicated to our most recent election.

Marcia Marcia Marcia

This NYC based drag queen is so thrilled to be participating in her first Leg Up On Life! Marcia does drag to spread joy and color and is so grateful to Daniel for inviting her to share it with you, for such an amazing cause. This is what dreams are made of! You can find her online @marciamarciamarcianyc. 

Neville Braithwaite

Neville Braithwaite is an NYC based award winning filmmaker. Credits include NYU, The Public Theatre, Black Theatre United, Broadway for Racial Justice and Darkness Rising to name a few. In June, he had the distinct pleasure of editing The Antonyo Awards for Broadway Black, a celebration of Black theatre artists on broadway. 

Choreographer: Daniel Gold

Dancers: Aerika Gabbin, Caitlin Sheppard, Cameron Edris, Hannah Fay Zeiser, Hannah Jewel Kohn, and Shaun-Avery Williams

Lighting: Seth Ward Pyatt

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Special Thank to ICON Astoria for being a safe queer space that allowed us to film at their venue.

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