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RECHARGE - Pride Month

Every four year November is a little more special than just looking forward to Thanksgiving or Black Friday Deals. It is when our presidential elections take place and this number led by new queen on the scene Marcia Marcia Marcia will give us a little celebration dedicated to our most recent election.

Lagoona Bloo

Lagoona Bloo is NYC’s Juicy Live Singing Mermaid. She is a member  of the award winning pop vocal drag trio “Stephanie’s Child” and was featured on "The Voice" and “America’s Got Talent” Lagoona made a splash on the scene three years ago and has made her way to the top of New York Nightlife with her incredible voice, sea sickening performances, and irresisitable charm. Before Quarantine, you could have caught this siren making ripples all over Manhattan but now she’s ready to  swim across your screen! Find this siren sensation on Instagram at @lagoonabloonyc

Alexa Marie Santy

Alexa Marie Santy(She/Her) is a freelance Photographer/Videographer/Dancer/Model based in Philly/NYC. She graduated Temple University with her B.A. in Media Studies and Production and that sparked her love of filmmaking. She created a documentary in college with friends called, Beneath the Makeup, following 3 drag queens lives in and out of drag. She’s also been professionally dancing for 7 years now in various locations with a variety of productions. Dance and film have always been her passion and when she gets to combine them together it makes her one happy girl. Keep shining! x


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Choreographer: Daniel Gold

Dancers: Daniel Gold, Kenneth Michael Murray, Michael Graceffa, Stephanie Bissonnette, and Tomás Matos

Music: "I Feel Love" by Sam Smith

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