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RECHARGE - Asian American Heritage and Pacific Islander Month/Mother's Day

Asian American Heritage and Pacific Islander Month takes place and May with Mother's Day! To celebrate both Dan has created an all asian female trio to mimic the strength of women.

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Dan Lai (Choreographer)

Dan Lai was born and raised in New York, NY. He started dancing when he was as teenager and fell in love right away. With the opportunity to train with top choreographers in the industry, he experimented with various styles, including contemporary, jazz, street jazz and hip hop. He has taken what he's learned and fused the different styles together to create his own unique movement. Dan has had the privilege to present his work in a few shows including Carnival and Jared Grime’s Run the Night at the Highline Ballroom, and APEX at the Salvatore Capezio Theater. He’s also traveled around Europe and Asia, teaching in places like Sweden and Japan. Most recently, he’s been featured in Dance Teacher Magazine.

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Sarah Juliet Shaw (Videographer)

Sarah is an NYC-based videographer and she is honored to be involved in Recharge. She is also a professional dancer and performer, and she loves to draw from that experience when creating videos. Her work as a videographer and editor spans brands including Stephanie's Child, Lagoona Bloo, Dance From Home, hustle by trsk, Twin Talks Ballet, Saratoga Arts Fest, Broadway Dance Center's Dance Teacher Workshop, and many of her fellow artists. @sarahgetsreel


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Choreographer: Daniel Gold

Dancers: Pauline Casino, Youlmae Kim, Masumi Kanbayashi

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