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April 4th, 2019, The first celebration of artistic collaboration matching artists together to create all new performances to take to the [Le] Poisson Rouge stage. The evening of new collaborative performances brought 24 artists together to raise Dancers Responding to Aids. The evening brought many new members to the community along with several phenomenal performances. 

The event included a performance by Leg Up On Life first timer Hernando Umana and Founder Daniel Gold that was nominated for a Universal Dance Awards for

"Best Live Dance Performance 2019".


  • Corey John Snide

  • Daniel Gold

  • JJ Niemann

  • Kanon Sapp

  • Katelin Zelon

  • Miles Keeney

  • Mike Baerga

  • Sarah Parker

  • Steven Blandino

  • Stephanie Card


  • Caitlin Borek

  • Danielle Lussier

  • Francesca Ferrari

  • Hernando Umana

  • Jenna Rubaii

  • Madge Dietrich

  • Kayla Davion

  • Lagoona Bloo

  • Morgan Reilly

  • Nick Rashad Burroughs

  • Nick Martinez

  • Sam Assemany

  • Shonica Gooden 

  • Tess Primack

Photography and Video shot and seen on this page from ART|Pact can be credited to the Full Out Creative team.

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